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I would like to post reader's comments, news, and other tidbits that I receive. Please send me your news and comments and watch this area to see if your news is posted!

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I enjoyed "Seneca Shadows" even with the sad parts and it reminds me of our troops that are fighting now. Lucy had great love and perserverance.  - Sena

(I) enjoyed Journey to Love. It was so romantic the way John was smitten with Beth from the first.  Enjoyed the story about Roanoke.
Sincerely    - Sena

"I would like to say thank you for writing the book Time Will Tell.  It was a fabulous reminder that God is in control especially in all areas of our lives.  He never gives up on us even when we cannot see the handiwork he orchestrates.  The book also reminded me of how God will open the doors when we take that step of faith and He is faithful to do exactly what He says.  After we take that step of faith, our lives are the overflow of Christ when we walk continually with Him.
I look forward to reading more of your future books!"
- Destiny

I enjoy reading your books.
- Harriet

I attended the Kentucky Christian Writers Seminar in Elizabethtown Kentucky and purchased your book, Into The Deep. I don't usually read or like fiction but I really enjoyed this one. You have a real talent for writing.
- Pat

Hi , I enjoyed "Into the Deep." It was very interesting to read about the cave and also the story riches don't necessarily lead to happiness. Jared and Susanna made a great couple.
- Sena