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Into The Deep
In 1843 Kentucky, Susanna Barnett longs for the finer things in life. Mammoth Cave brings them to her and her family. Not only does the cavern attract curious folks paying top dollar for tours, but its unique atmosphere promises to heal the sick. Surely God Himself etched out this place as a blessing to all men.

Jared Edwards has been played the fool. Mammoth Cave's doctor promised miracles for consumption victims. Instead of celebrating recovery with his aunt Mattie, he's burying her and being sent away amid his uncle Dwight's accusations. Driven by guilt, Jared determines to close down the death cave. Will Jared and Susanna's attraction to each other prove more powerful than their connection to Mammoth Cave?


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Journey to Love
Beth Colman reluctantly joins her sister and brother-in-law on a journey to a new land ? the Virginia colony of North America. Her sister is determined they find out what happened to their grandparents, original settlers in the lost colony of Roanoke in the province of Carolana. Beth would rather find someone to love and build a new life with. Where in this frightening place will she find him?

John Harris finds himself smitten with the young English beauty and offers to lead Beth's family on the expedition they desire?deep into uncharted land, into the mystery of Roanoke Island. But John's secret hatred of the native Indians overtakes him when the family finds themselves welcomed into an Indian village. A journey into the past for John - a journey into the unknown for Beth. Is this all it will be, or will this adventure become their journey to love?
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Seneca Shadows now on Kindle!
Lucy Bland has lived a simple, peaceful life far from the battlefields of World War II. But during the summer of 1943, military men come to train on her beloved Seneca Rocks. With their intrusion, her life changes abruptly - especially when the handsome U.S. Army Captain Nick Landers captures her heart. Captain Nick Landers, of the Mountain Training Group, has been assigned to teach soldiers rock climbing techniques. Soon after he arrives in the back country of West Virginia, Nick discovers that overcoming internal obstacles is as challenging as scaling a jagged cliff face. With his next assignment, Nick must move on from Seneca Rocks - and from Lucy. If he returns, will she be waiting? And will she still love him, even if he's been changed by war?

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A Blue and Gray Christmas....nostalgic Civil War reading at the holidays! Order directly from the author.
A "Mail Order Bride Story with a Twist." Come discover how a God knits hearts and minds between a penniless orphan and a well-to-do artist in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.
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