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Ageless Love
Book I of Mysteries in Time - mysteries of love and intrigue set in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Love can happen at any age...and spinster Daphne Elliot is about to discover just that. Forty years have passed since her first love, Henry Morgan, died in a lumber mill accident, yet she refuses any love interest. She is more eager to help customers at her garden shop or offer advice to her employee Rodney and his young wife.
Then one day an elderly farmer, Jack McNary, enters her store. Life for Daphne suddenly changes, especially when an eager Rodney seeks to unite them. When she discovers Jack's cloudy past, she is determined to solve the mystery. Will it lead to a healing of her heart and to love?

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Time Will Tell
Book II of Mysteries in Time

Everyone loves a bargain, but Connie Ortiz gets more than she bargained for when she buys an old cuckoo clock at a yard sale. Suddenly strange people begin entering her life. An elderly man appears at her doorstep, offering to buy the clock for an exorbitant sum. The older lady in charge of the sale urges Connie to keep the clock at all costs. And her handsome boss arrives on the scene to play referee.
What is it about this clock that has everyone in a frenzy and Connie caught in the middle?
Only time will tell.


The Wish
Book III of Mysteries in Time

Debbie Reilly longs for love and a place to belong.
She delights in her work with the elderly of White
Pines Health Care Facility, but her friendship with
the residents causes friction among the nurses.
Especially when one has an eligible grandson.

Neil Jenson enjoys his visits with his grandma Elvina. He wants to surprise her with a wonderful Christmas at home, but he discovers she's the one with surprises - a secret from her past. Debbie seems to be the only one who can help straighten out the mess...with Grandma and his heart.

Has the Lord brought Neil and Debbie together in order to answer everyone's Christmas wishes? Or will the mystery of Neil's past destroy his hope for a wonderful future?


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Also Available
"Puppy Love"
Pets help their owners find love!
(originally titled Tails of Love)


Now in Large Print, hardcover!
Now in hardcover, large print!
Now in hardcover, large print
Contemporary Romance set in the beautiful state of Utah!
Book I Love's Winding Path 
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North and South Window Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.
Taken June, 2009.
Red rocks. River rafting. Freedom! Maybe?

After years of impatient living and working on his parents’ peanut farm, Dan has finally escaped. Life as a river guide in Moab, Utah, is as far from peanut farming in Virginia as a man can get, and Dan revels in the newness of this life. An awesome job, a cool jeep , a place of his own—and a gorgeous girl.

Gorgeous or not, Jo has no intention of hooking up with Dan. First off, he’s just a bit too sure of himself, and second, he shows no interest in God. He’s also got issues to deal with…but then, so does she, so maybe she’ll leave that particular area alone. But as long as Dan avoids God, Jo will avoid Dan. At least, that’s the theory.

When life in Moab takes some unexpected twists and turns, Dan must face who he really is. Maybe all that God stuff is true. But will he let go and believe, or continue to tough it out alone?

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ISBN  9781602607071